Laughing Maia Clay Art

Victoria Tamas of Shelburne, Vermont has been throwing pots since age thirteen. She makes pieces for everyday comfort and beauty, as well as objects with a spiritual/ritual purpose. Victoria infuses her pottery with textile art designs such as lace and the folk art motifs that her Hungarian grandmother used in her work. (She was the "Maia" for whom her studio is named.)  Her work reflects inspiration from nature and local life as well the traditions from the rich world history we have made part of America.

The Folk Art Menorah is a unique piece for celebrating the Festival of Lights. Based on an ancient Armenian folk design, this round menorah is meant to be placed at the center of your gathering, each person seeing it from a different side—it’s hard not to form a circle in its candlelight. Hidden inside each of her menorahs is a small bit of sand and salt from the Dead Sea. The flower motif is an homage to her Hungarian grandmother Maria. 

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